Onboarding to ForeverFan

Selecting Your Plan

Head on over to www.foreverfanmusic.com and choose a plan!

Once you select your plan, you’ll be redirected an onboarding page.

Login Credentials

Make sure to store your email and password in a secure place!

At this stage, you’ll be asked to make some login credentials so you can access your ForeverFan Artist Portal.

Artist Name/ForeverFan Artist URL

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your artist name your ForeverFan Artist URL.

Make sure you use your artist name instead of a song name when creating a ForeverFan link. For example, I would enter aux.bio/taylorswift instead of aux.bio/cruelsummer.

Make sure you double check the spelling on your artist name and pre-save link, as to change those fields, you’ll need to get in touch with our support team!

Now, you’ll be asked to share a direct link to your artist profiles on Spotify and Apple Music.

When your fans pre-save your upcoming songs and become ForeverFans, they will automatically be redirected to their streaming service of choice.

Make sure these links are correct and go to your artist profile and NOT a song.

As an example, a valid input for Spotify:


And for Apple Music:


If you’re having trouble with finding your Spotify profile link or Apple Music profile link, click on these links.

If this is your first release and you do not have a profile on Spotify or Apple Music, read this.

First off, congratulations! Thanks for entrusting ForeverFan with your first release. We’re excited to be a part of such an exciting time in your artist journey.

To set up your ForeverFan account with your first release, please enter the following for your Spotify/Apple Music Links.

For Spotify:


And for Apple Music:


Three important limitations to creating your account before you have profiles on these platforms:

  1. Our ForeverSaves normally automatically make all fans pre-saving your future releases follow your profiles. Without these profiles existing, we cannot do that, as there are no profiles to follow.

  2. If you send out emails, the Spotify/Apple Links in the footer of the email will not be active. We recommend not sending emails until you have these links.

  3. The default Spotify/Apple links on your Bio Link will not be active. Make sure to delete them before circulating your Bio Link.

For these three reasons, it is extremely important that once your song comes out and you do have your profiles on these services that you get in touch with our support team and request that they update your new profile information.

Click here to contact our support team.

Confirming Your Information

It’s important that the information that you entered during your onboarding is correct. For that reason, we ask that you take a careful look to ensure you have all fields filled out correctly.


ForeverFan uses Stripe, a financial technology company which powers online payment processing and commerce solutions for internet businesses of all sizes.

Your payment information is stored securely on their servers and our team never has access to any of your payment data.

After filling out the payment form, you’ll be redirected back to a welcome video that walks you through your ForeverFan account.

Thanks for joining the ForeverFan family! We’re excited to have you on board and help you grow your fanbase.

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