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Email marketing is a powerful tool for musicians to connect with their fanbase and share updates about their music, merchandise, tours, and more. Our SaaS platform introduces an intuitive drag and drop editor and fan filtering feature that simplifies the process of creating and sending customized email campaigns. Whether you're announcing a new album or just keeping in touch, our guide will walk you through each step effectively.

Email Collection

Before you start your email campaign, ensure that your fans have the opportunity to share their emails through your links. Each new fan's email is added to your Audience Database automatically, ready for future communications.

Creating an Email Campaign

To start creating an email campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns → Email on your dashboard.

  2. Click on Create New Campaign.

Step 1: Selecting Your Recipients

Choose the audience for your email from your existing Audience Database. Only fans who have shared their email can be selected.

Step 2: Customize Your Campaign

Fill in the required fields to set up and schedule your campaign. You can choose to send your email immediately, or schedule your email for a particular time.

💡 If you want fans to be able to reply to your message, ensure you add a Reply-To Email. Without a custom Reply-To Emails, any replies will not be accessible to you.

Step 3: Select Your Template

Select a preconfigured email template, or use a blank one to start!

Step 4: Customize Your Email

Use our drag and drop functionality for unmatched customization for your email campaigns, ensuring that your messages not only reach your fans but also resonate with them visually and textually. Harness the power of our email marketing tools to keep your fans engaged and informed

Step 5: Review Your Campaign

Before you send, review your email thoroughly. Use the test email button at the bottom left of the campaign summary to send out a test email to ensure everything appears as intended.

Once satisfied, hit Complete to finalize the setup.


How do fans opt in for email updates? Fans can subscribe to emails via your ForeverFan links across your promotional platforms.

How are emails charged? There's no cost for email campaigns at present. For sending larger volumes (over 100,000 emails per month), reach out to us at

Can fans unsubscribe from my emails? Yes, an unsubscribe option is automatically included in your emails to comply with communication standards.

Can I upload fan emails I collected from another platform? Certainly, our system allows for easy integration of audience databases. Please see the help guide below.

Uploading Fans

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