Filtering Your Fans by Location

We're excited to introduce you to one of our platform's most powerful tools—Geofiltering. Below we're breaking down how you can filter your fanbase based on their location, providing you with a new dimension of fan interaction.

How to Use The Geofilter

Accessing the Audience Tab

  • To begin, go to your ForeverFan dashboard.

  • Navigate to the 'Audience' tab to view all of your fans in one simple table interface.

Activating Geofilter

  • Within the Audience table, click the globe button—this is your gateway to creating geofilters.

  • A map popup will appear, allowing you to interact with your fanbase's geographic data.

Creating Geofilters

  • Click the black circle button under the zoom icons on the top left and drag on the map to draw circles around areas where you'd like to target your fanbase.

  • All fans with locations that fall within these designated circles will be automatically selected for targeted engagement.

Use Cases for Geofilter

Targeted Promotions: Planning a tour or have merchandise dropping soon? Use the geofilter to send announcements and offers to fans in regions where these events will happen.

Personalized Fan Engagement: Crafting messages specifically for fans in certain cities or regions? Geofilters pinpoint the right audience, making your messages feel exclusive and personal.

Event Planning: Gain insights into where clusters of your fans are located to effectively decide where to host your next event, ensuring you're hitting your most populated fan regions.

Exclusive Content Sharing: Share exclusive content with specific fan groups, creating unique fan experiences that are tailored to their region.

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