Uploading Fans

How to Upload Fan Emails/Numbers to ForeverFan

In this guide, we will walk you through how to properly upload fan emails and phone numbers to your ForeverFan account.

Please ensure you adhere to the necessary legal frameworks, such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and COPPA, when collecting and uploading fan data. Learn more about compliance below.

Compliance Information

Preparing Your CSV File

Before you begin the upload process, your fan data must be formatted correctly in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.

  2. The file must contain two specific column headers:

    • The first column header should be number (in lowercase).

    • The second column header should be email (in lowercase).

  3. Both columns must be present.

    1. For example, if you only have email addresses to upload, still include the number column, but leave it blank.

  4. Ensure there are NO blank columns or extra columns around the two required columns.

For example, your CSV might look something like this:






Step-by-Step Upload Instructions

  1. Login to ForeverFan: Access your ForeverFan account by entering your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Upload Fans Button: Click on the Audience tab in the sidebar. Locate the Upload Fans button to begin the process.

  3. Confirm Compliant Collection: Click the checkbox to confirm that the fan data was collected in compliance with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, COPPA, and other applicable laws. Learn more about compliance here.

  4. Choose Upload Type: Are you uploading all domestic US numbers? Or are you adding several international numbers as well? Depending on your answer, you’ll be asked to format your file differently.

  5. Choose File: Click on the file selection tool and choose your prepared CSV file from your computer.

  6. Review Data: Once uploaded, the system will display how many fans are valid/invalid and identify new entries versus updates for preexisting fans.

    1. Valid emails/numbers are entries can be uploaded to ForeverFan

    2. Invalid emails/numbers are entries that cannot be uploaded to ForeverFan, due to inaccuracy or formatting issues.

    3. Updated fans are fans who already exist in your fanbase who are having their information added to or reinforced by your upload.

    4. New fans are fans who did not previously exist in your fanbase.

  7. Understand the Irreversibility: Please be aware that this process cannot be reversed once you confirm the upload.

  8. Confirm and Upload: After reviewing, click the Yes, Add Them! button to import your fan data into ForeverFan.

  9. Check Your Audience List: You can refresh your audience page to view your newly-uploaded fans!

Restrictions and Support

Please note that there is a default limit of 500 fans for a single artist account. If you need to upload more than 500 fans, please reach out to our support team here for assistance.

Final Notes

It's important to ensure you are using fan data respectfully and legally. Collecting emails and phone numbers should always be done with the fan's consent and in compliance with data protection regulations.

If you encounter any issues during your upload process or have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out here. Our team is here to help you engage with your fans effectively and responsibly.

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