Funnel Links

ForeverFan Funnel Links are one of our most powerful and flexible features for artists.

Let's break down the key components and functions of this link type!

Key Features

1. Data Collection Simplified

At its core, Funnel Links facilitate the collection of valuable fan data. Artists can seamlessly gather phone numbers and email addresses from their audience. This data serves as a foundation for building a comprehensive database, fostering more direct and personalized connections.

2. Customizable Redirect

After fans provide their contact information, they are redirected to a webpage of the artist's choosing. This flexibility allows musicians to guide their audience to specific content, promotions, or releases. It's a subtle yet powerful way to tailor the fan experience.

This is the most important part of the feature! They allow you to standardize access control to any kind of destination!

Try to use Funnel Links as a standard practice for controlling access to off-social-media activities. Instead of granting direct entry or access to a Discord Server or a direct link to stream your song or watch a music video, push fans through a Funnel Link with the custom redirect destination as the Discord invite, streaming link, or YouTube Link!

This approach emphasizes the importance of collecting fan data and establishing direct connections as a regular part of your fan engagement strategy.

3. Campaigns and Fan Engagement

Funnel Links are particularly useful for artists engaged in promotional campaigns. By capturing contact information before directing fans to specific content, musicians can establish direct communication channels. This has proven effective, especially for those who gained traction on platforms like TikTok.

4. Versatility in Application

Funnel Links are not limited to specific campaigns. They offer a versatile solution for controlling access to various online activities. Whether inviting fans to exclusive events, promoting content, or managing access to online spaces, Funnel Links can be your go-to tool.

You can set up a funnel link in the Links Tab!


How are Funnel Links and ForeverSave Links different? ForeverSaves allow you collect email, phone number, and presave future releases on Spotify or Apple Music.

Funnel Links only allow you to collect email and phone number information.

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