Compliance Information

Collection of Data in a Compliant Manner:

In order to maintain a respectful and legal relationship with your fanbase, it's crucial that any fan emails or numbers you wish to upload to ForeverFan have been collected in compliance with applicable data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc.

This means that fans must have been clearly informed about what their contact information would be used for and must have explicitly consented to their data being collected and used for these purposes.

Consequences of Uploading Non-compliant Fans:

Uploading non-compliant fan information is a serious breach of ForeverFan's terms of service and data protection laws. Consequences include:

  • Immediate Suspension of Your Account: To protect all parties involved, your account will be suspended immediately upon discovery of non-compliant data uploads, pending an investigation.

  • Legal Action: Non-compliance can expose you to serious legal penalties. Legal action may be pursued to remediate any breaches of data protection laws.

Please find below some examples of compliant and non-compliant collection methods. Note that these examples are not exhaustive.

Non-compliant Collection Methods:

  • Downloading from Gmail or Personal Contact List: Uploading contacts collected indirectly from your email account or personal contact list. This is non-compliant because these individuals have not agreed to be part of your marketing communications.

  • Ticket Purchasers: Fans who have purchased tickets to your shows but have not explicitly agreed to marketing communications cannot be considered compliant contacts, despite the transactional relationship.

  • Fans Who Have Not Explicitly Opted In: Any contacts obtained without clear, affirmative action indicating consent for marketing communications are non-compliant. This includes assumptions of consent based on a pre-existing relationship.

Compliant Collection Methods:

  • Export from Another CRM Platform Like MailChimp: If you have previously collected fan information through another CRM platform and have obtained explicit consent for marketing communications, this method is compliant. Ensure the initial collection point met consent requirements.

  • Any Web Form Collection Containing Explicit Opt In: Any web form that has an entry field for contact information and an unchecked check box asserting that fans will receive marketing communications from the artist is more than adequate.

  • Sign Up at a Show for a Marketing Email List: This is a compliant method provided there was clear signage or verbal communication about what fans were signing up for, specifically regarding marketing communications.

  • Any Fans Collected via ForeverFan: Fans collected directly through ForeverFan tools are compliant, as they would have agreed to marketing communications under ForeverFan’s clear consent protocols.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures a respectful, legal, and successful interaction with your fanbase. Always prioritize clear communication and explicit consent when collecting and using fan information.

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