Quick Start Guide

If you haven’t already created your ForeverFan account, please follow this guide.

Onboarding to ForeverFan

This guide assumes that you’ve just created your ForeverFan account and are looking to set up all the tools on our platform. This is a quick walkthrough of our suite of tools and when you might want to use them.

In short, you can…

  • create Links to share on social media to grow your fanbase and collect audience data

  • create Campaigns to directly message your fans

  • grow and analyze your Audience Database

There are several types of Links you can create with your ForeverFan account:

  • Bio Link

  • Pre-Save Link

  • Streaming Link

  • Funnel Link

In most cases, your Bio Link is the most important to set up. For most ForeverFan users, this is the link that goes in their social media bio. Think of it as a home base for your fans, containing everything you would want to share with them — pre-saves, your artist profile on streaming platforms, upcoming shows, other social media profiles, merch, and more. In addition, Bio Links are a great way to collect fan emails and phone numbers.

Learn more about Bio Links.

Bio Links

If you want to collect presaves on your upcoming releases, then you can set up a ForeverSave Link as well. ForeverFan ForeverSave links not only allow fans to pre-save your upcoming release, but to also pre-save every future release of yours.

Learn more about ForeverSave Links.

ForeverSave Links

If you just want to collect emails and phone numbers, you can create a Funnel Link. Funnel Links are an incredibly effective straightforward way to grow your Fan Database.

Learn more about Funnel Links.

Funnel Links

If you want to promote a release that’s already out, you can set up a Streaming Link. Streaming Links are a simple way to direct fans to your release on many streaming platforms while maintaining important performance analytics.

Learn more about Streaming Links.

Streaming Links


Campaigns are the best way to communicate with your fans directly. As you collect phone numbers and emails through your Bio, Funnel, and Pre-Save links, that data will be stored in your Audience database.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be sent to any fan who has shared their email with you. Head to your Campaigns tab → Email. You can customize a set of recipients, set up all of your email information, and schedule the campaign from this page.

Learn more about Email Campaigns.

Email Campaigns

Text Campaigns

Text Campaigns can be sent to any fan who has shared their phone number with you. To initially enroll in our texting program, users must fill out an entry form that we hold in order to comply with US SMS regulations. Please allow up to 5 business days to process your submission.

Learn more about Text Campaigns.

SMS Campaigns

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