Audience Table

What is the audience tab?

The audience tab contains a table that lets you see the details of all the fans you collect.

On this page, you can:

  • search for a specific fan by entering a piece of information into the search bar

  • filter through your audience to see how many fans fit a set of criteria

  • customize your view of the table to better understand your fanbase

  • download your fan data

  • and more!

How do I create a campaign targeting these fans?

For all the fans you collect, you can send targeted email/SMS campaigns to them. To create a campaign, simply click the create campaign button.

You may learn more about campaigns here:

Campaigns Tab


Can I download my fan data? Yes! With ForeverFan, you can download the email and phone number information for all fans who have consented to sharing these pieces of information with you. Simply click the download CSV button in the top right corner to get going!

When does the audience tab update each day? Your analytics update once per day whenever you first log in to your dashboard.

Can I upload fans I’ve collected on another platform? Yes! See below.

Uploading Fans

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