SMS Campaigns

How It Works

ForeverFan provides a convenient texting feature that allows artists to directly communicate with North American fans who have opted in for text notifications. Here's what you need to know about using texting with ForeverFan:

Each artist on ForeverFan is assigned a unique phone number that serves as the broadcasting line for sending texts to fans. Fans can opt in to receive texts by providing their phone number during the sign-up process as a ForeverFan.


Billing on a Pay-as-You-Go Basis

Texting services are billed on a "pay-as-you-go" basis, keeping it simple and cost-effective. At the end of each month, the charges for texting will be added to your subscription.

Cost Breakdown

  • Retaining an active phone number costs $6.00/month. This allows you to maintain your unique broadcasting line for text messages.

  • Each individual domestictext sent to fans costs $0.01/text. This includes every message sent from your artist phone number to a fan who has opted in for text notifications.

    • If you send 1 text message to 100 fans, you will be charged $0.01 for each text sent (100 texts), so $1.00 in total.

Signing Up for Texting

If you’re a first time text user, you’ll see a form containing information that ForeverFan needs to provision a toll-free SMS number for you.

Note that upon submission, you agree to the ForeverFan texting program’s usage-based billing agreement. You will then be shown a page indicating that you have successfully submitted the form and that your number will be provisioned.

Once we have provisioned this number, this screen will automatically change to display the texting interface. You will be notified by email upon completion of this process.

Creating an SMS Campaign

Head to Campaigns → Texting and click Create New Campaign.

Step 1: Selecting Your Recipients

You’ll first select the portion of your audience that you would like to email — you’ll only be able to email fans in your Audience that have shared their email with you.

Step 2: Customize Your Campaign

Next, fill out the required information to customize and schedule your texting campaign.

Step 3: Review Your Campaign

At this final step, you’ll be prompted to look over your text and given the option (shown below) to send out a test text to a US number. If everything looks good, click complete to finish the email setup process.


Once you click confirm, the campaign is scheduled! You may edit this campaign any time before it is sent.

Texting FAQs

How do fans opt in for texting? Fans can opt in for text notifications by providing their phone number at any of your ForeverFan links.

Is there a limit to the number of text messages I can send? No.

Can fans unsubscribe from texting? Yes, when a fan replies STOP, they will be unsubscribed from your texting service. If this happens, though the fan remains in your main audience table, you will no longer be able to select them as a recipient of any text campaigns.

Can I upload fan numbers I collected from another platform? Yes! See the page below for more details.

Uploading Fans

How does text billing work? See the page below for details.

How does text billing work?

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