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What is a ForeverSave?

A conventional pre-save campaign is a powerful tool that allows fans to automatically add your upcoming song or album to their Spotify library on the day of release by opting in beforehand.

ForeverFan takes pre-saving to the next level by introducing the concept of ForeverSaves. With this feature, fans not only pre-save your upcoming release, but also all of your future releases throughout your music career! Additionally, fans will automatically follow your artist profile if they pre-save via Spotify.

Setting up a ForeverSave

To create a new ForeverSave link, head to the Links Tab add a new ForeverSave Link. On this page, you will encounter our link editor, that allows you to edit your link on the left, and see a preview of your link on the right.

Let’s walk through a few of your options when it comes to setting up a ForeverSave link.

Basic Release Info

You can select a title for the page, add subtext, and customize your photo and background color.

Collect Emails/Numbers

These toggles allow you to decide if you want to collect emails or collect phone numbers when fans navigate to your presave. We recommend keeping both toggles on!

Can I change the order of the presave flow?

Allow Non-Apple/Spotify ForeverSaves

This is a very important toggle. ForeverSaves are only supported on Apple/Spotify. To serve all other DSP users, we recommend toggling on the “Allow Non-Apple/Spotify ForeverSaves” toggle. This toggle creates a third option on the ForeverSave page below Spotify and Apple Music called Other Service. This third option allows you to collect phone/email information (depending on what collection toggles you have activated) from fans who do not use Apple/Spotify, so you can still funnel them into your fanbase.

If your phone/email toggles are both off, the Other Service flow will default to collecting just phone numbers.

Be careful! If you change the link to a page, the link moves immediately and anybody with the old link will no longer be able to access the page.

This field allows you to change the URL of a link that you’ve created.

Your analytics will remain, but beware that all versions of the link you’ve distributed will no longer function, as the site will be at a new URL.

Custom Redirect

Please see the following guide for this advanced feature:

Custom Redirects

Meta Pixel/TikTok Pixel

Please see the following guide for this advanced feature.

Tracking: Meta Pixel/TikTok Pixel

Don’t Forget to Click Save!

Once you hit save, your page will be set up! You can track its usage in the Analytics tab. Every time you hit save again, the live page will be edited. If you don’t click save, your progress will not be saved.

Ready to Release?

Because fans that come into your fanbase pre-save all future releases, your ForeverSaves are how you let the ForeverFan system know a release is coming. You must make a ForeverSave with UPC and Release Date filled for all releases which you want your ForeverFans to save!

When you have finalized your release, you can toggle on the Release Ready toggle, which will then require you to input a UPC and Release Date.

The two pieces of information are very important, as this is what tells the ForeverFan system what day to look for your song and where your song is located on Spotify, Apple and other services.

Please double check your UPC and Release Date.

ForeverSave FAQs

Can I change the order of the presave flow?

At the moment, ForeverFan’s flow is always phone collection → presave → email collection → success/redirect.

We’ve found that this specific order leads to the highest completion rate for fans and recommend that you keep both on.

However, if you turn off email/number collection, your presave flow will be the same, albeit without the collection step you’ve toggled off

For example, if you turn off email collection, your flow will be phone collection → presave → success/redirect, and so forth.

What do I need to do to presave future releases?

To presave all future releases, all you need to do is create a ForeverSave Link for the next release and input the release information (UPC/Release Date) on the ForeverFan dashboard 48 hours before your song comes out. You don’t have to circulate this new ForeverSave Link to anybody unless you want to, but you do have to put in the release information (UPC/Release Date) in order for our servers to register a new presave for you. This will create a new presave for all the active fans who have presaved on a ForeverSave link in the past.

So the tl;dr is - yes, as long as you tell our system your next song is coming, all your fans will presave it!

Here are a few important caveats —

  • If on your link, you have the "collect non-Spotify/Apple presaves" toggle turned on - this simply allows you to collect first-party contact data from your fanbase for your marketing campaigns (phone and email). These do not trigger a ForeverSave.

    • However, at ForeverFan, we believe that this data is actually more important than pre-saves, as it means that you can contact your fans directly via the ForeverFan platform on the day of your release. First-party data you can use to contact your fans drives real/active streaming engagement (first-day streams), whereas pre-saves just cover some algorithmic benefits from having more first-day saves.

  • There is a slight difference between Spotify users who go through the ForeverSave and Apple Music users. Apple Music users are restricted (by Apple Music) to presaving all releases only for a period between 6-12 months. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not support permanent ForeverSaves, so we encourage you to refresh your presave campaigns once every 6-12 months for Apple Music users. Spotify users, however, who by and large make up the majority of fans on our platform (70%+), are able to pre-save forever.

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