Our new welcome sequence puts the first step in fan engagement on autopilot!


In business sales, a common marketing principle is that it takes seven touchpoints, or interactions, before you can make a sale.

We're well aware that musicians aren't necessarily salespeople.

But sometimes... our responsibilities and goals overlap.

At ForeverFan, we noticed that many of our artists would immediately send out calls to buy concert tickets or merchandise immediately after a fan signed up. We wanted to make it easy to get those seven touchpoints in first!

Enter sequences! Sequences, or welcome sequences, allow you to automate the first interactions you have with a new few. We've started by allowing you to automate a series of emails, but as time goes on, we anticipate adding support for text/SMS and more complex flows!

Before You Get Started

Here are a few things to think about before you get started:

  • Determine your objective. The first step to creating an effective sequence is to think about your overall goal.

  • Think through your strategy. What’s the timeline? What do you want fans to learn about you? Do you want to drive merch sales? Or send them to a playlist?

Parts of a Welcome Sequence


If your sequence is active, any new fans who come through any of your links and share an email automatically join the sequence.

Sequences are forward-facing. This means they only apply to people who join your fanbase after the sequence is turned on.

People can only move down in a sequence.

Email Step

Email steps allow you to send an email to people within the Sequence.

Wait Step

Wait Steps allow you to hold people at a specific point in a Sequence for a certain amount of time. This allows you to pace your communication so you don’t overwhelm people with too many messages at once (read: it’s all about sending the right message, at the right time).

Add a Wait Step by clicking + -> Wait Step . Enter the amount of time you want people to wait and click Save!


When a fan completes all the steps within a Sequence, they are removed from the Sequence!

Example Sequence


In this example welcome series sequence, our goal is to inform the fan about who the artist is, have them get to know their personality, and wrap up with a call to action to listen to the artist's music and buy their merch.

You don’t want to overwhelm your new friends with too many messages at once. Luckily, you can add a Delay step to prevent this from happening.

In this Sequence, you want to wait 2 days before sending a second email showing off your recent songs. Add this Wait Step underneath the first email by clicking the + icon and selecting AdAdd Wait Step. Enter 2 days and click Save.

Follow the same steps to add another Email step to send a one-off email.

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